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Public Education

 As a parent with a child in public school, I understand the importance of high quality public education, and I will keep working to ensure that all of our kids have a solid educational base to build their futures upon.


 Washington State has a significant housing deficit at all levels, which has a significant impact on working families. I will continue to work with stakeholders to expand availability of housing that is affordable and accessible.

Community Preparedness

 The 44th LD is absolutely breathtaking with such diverse geography, but some of what makes our district so amazing can also present dangerous challenges.  We are not as prepared as we should be for the next disaster, and we need to do better. I will push for legislation that will help our communities be safer, stronger and more resilient.

Health Care

Happy, healthy communities are more successful and productive. Understaffing can increase costs and decrease accessibility to services.  It’s absolutely necessary to make quality healthcare more accessible and more affordable for everyone.

Reproductive care is health care.


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